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About us

For many years Young Professionals Internships has arranged internships for international students in Indonesia. The team consists of international professionals who have lived in Indonesia for a big part of their lives. Because of our experiences in Indonesia we are able to to find the best internships for our students and assist them immediately when they face certain issues. We do not just arrange internships for our students, we are always available to assist them when they face certain issues.

Jasper Kuizenga

Indonesia stole my heart during my first visit in 2010! When I graduated from my university in 2012 I knew directly were I wanted to go: Back to Indonesia.
The lovely people, the beaches, the volcanoes and the culture makes this country amazing and a must see. I started Young Professionals Internship with 2 friends in 2012 and I never regret the move from The Netherlands to tropical Indonesia. In the last 5 years we arranged for more than 500 students the internship and at the moment we are one of the biggest agencies in Indonesia. In my spare time I love to visit the mountains, play futsal and hang around with my awesome Indonesian friends.

Lars Tielen

In 2014 and 2015 I experienced how it was to conduct an internship in Bali. As 'customer' of YPI, I experienced the benefits of the service. YPI helps you with all the side issues related to your internship in Bali! Now I am already based in Bali for a few years. I stay in Sanur with my wife from Indonesia and our lovely daughter. Due to my experiences as a customer of YPI, I know perfectly what the students expect from us. Every semester I try to share my experiences with all the new students in order to let them enjoy the country as much as I do. Indonesia is a beautiful country and the perfect place to conduct an internship and at the same time experiencing totally different cultures and traditions than that you are used to!

Froukje van der Hoek

I love living on this Island where I can go to the beach every day after work and wear flipflops all year long! Once I graduated my bachelor of Nursing, I had to go back to Holland. Not much later I moved back to Bali. I started my silver jewelry business Sama Sama Silver and I worked as a volunteer to help children with physical disabilities. In my free time, I love hanging out with the friends I made in Bali.
We go around to beautiful places in Bali or we just stay at home and play guitar, sing, drink and have fun! Since a while, I work for YPI. I already knew the company and the owners very well. We are good friends and so I joined the activities every semester! This makes it feel like I am doing a job that is not new to me. I love being around people, which makes this a beautiful job for me!

Ibrahim el Salih

As I have always wanted to visit Indonesia, an internship in Bali seemed ideal. I immediately came in contact with YPI and they offered me an internship at the company itself which completely suits my study. I have now been here for a week and I am loving everything about the country. The island is beautiful, the weather is perfect and the food is even better. YPI arranged an accommodation with students from around the world who are also doing their internship in Bali. I am looking forward to the future and I am certain that I will have an amazing time these next six months.